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Important Shipping Information

We have tried every shipping company and have found Canada Post (For Local and Worldwide) and USPS to be the easiest and most efficient companies to ship with.

Upon checkout you will be given 3 different shipping options:

1st and cheapest option is the “Tracked Packet” which is listed as an estimated 6 to 12 business day delivery. 

2nd and most popular option is “Expedited” which is listed as an estimated 4 to 10 business day delivery. 

3rd option is listed as “2/3 Day Express” depending on your location. Unfortunately, due to US Customs these packages can get detained for 1 to 7+ days. The days in which the package is held at Customs do not count as days shipped. Canada Post and USPS only count the days they have the package in their possession as days of shipping. Some packages arrive on time and some simply do not. Proper Fabrications, Canada Post and USPS can not and will not be responsible for the unfortunate situation that Customs detains your package. 

It has become a bit of a gamble to ship our products Express but like previously stated, some packages arrive on time and some simply do not. 

By selecting the “2/3 Day Express” option you are understanding that your package may not arrive on time due to this unfortunate circumstance. 

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience but plain and simple it is totally out of our hands.